Friday, May 18, 2007

Media Buying within the Health & Wellness Industry

Magna Life Supplements Inc. is a Media Buying Firm which promotes within the Health and Wellness Industry.

An effective media strategy requires multiple avenues to spread your message. Most media companies focus on one stream of communication. But a media strategy that relies on a single means of communicate is rarely successful. Your Magna Life media experts are here to solve that problem.

Why Magna Life?

Our business is to improve your business and overall ROI. Whether it's building a brand or growing sales, let Magna Life help target your audience more effectively and save you money. We'll increase the return on your advertising dollar by getting you the most effective media buys at the lowest price.

Media Buying is a specialized skill, which requires knowledge of your target clients, consumer behaviour, and media buying all rolled into one. Magna Life understands that you must understand the key buying criteria to be in control and make purchase decisions based on the proprosals.

Your efficiency goal is to get the lowest cost-per-thousand ("CPM") for your target market while also satisfying your other media buying requirements. If you can determine the demographics of your most lucrative customers, you may wish to advertise to them first.

Adequate Reach and Frequency: You want to reach the majority of viewers with adequate frequency to make an impression. Remember the AIDA model of consumer behavior: Awareness, Interest, Decision, and Action. A prospect may need to see your ad several times just to become aware of your company and the services you offer. Another couple of impressions may be necessary to create interest.